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Make Money with Affiliates

If you have a web site then a simple passive way to make money is to have affiliate links on our pages for people to click. When they purchase the product the affiliate pays you a nominal stipend. These stipends add up over time. This is not a get rich quick scheme but can add a steady amount of income to your budget that over time may pay for the cost of the web site.

It is important to only have affiliate links that are similar in interest to you and the people who visit your web site. Below are a few affiliates that we recommend.

Earn Money with Ads on Your Pages

Google offers an easy way to add rotating ads to your site based on topic interest. They will also index your site so that is will be easy to find by search engines.

IX Web Hosting - affordable, reliable, robust IX Web Hostins - a robust hosting ISP that has everything at affordable prices. They are far and above better than other ISP's that ADBO has either tried or investigated including "Domain Name Registration" based company hosting programs.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

PayPal Have the ability to do e-commerce online without the expense of of paying for e-Commerce or paying for credit cards. They validate their customers to ensure that you get paid. Now anyone can take credit cards and even checks, safely, they even have a shopping cart.

Affiliates that Enhance Marketing

Webring - free targeted visitors to your site.


Webring is an easy way to get targeted people with an interest in your site content to visit as well as a simple way to find sites you are interested in by topic. Some of these sights might be just what you are looking for but they may not appear in the search engines. There is no cost for the level one membership.



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